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Through the use of sports training and education, Make Me A Pro Sports strives to instill a positive attitude within children that carries over to every aspect of their life. We offer fun and educational sports camps and classes that are taught by successful players and coaches who are specialists in each of the sports that we offer.Make Me A Pro's philosophy is "To Play like a Pro, Learn from a Pro".

Does this mean we only teach advanced players? No, not at all! Our goal is to hire the most talented coaches, many with professional playing experience, who can express their joy of the sport and enable campers to be the best they can be, regardless of skill level.We use challenging, yet fun games and drills that push our campers to reach their potential as individuals, while training towards their goals of becoming better players.We understand that every child we encounter has a different personality that comes with different needs. We spend the time to understand each individual's specific strengths and challenges so that we can tailor our interaction with each child appropriately.

We as professionals recognize that age appropriate activity is very important. There are multiple stages in the development of a player. For the youngest players, the focus is on getting them to enjoy playing and willingness to "give it a try". For the most advanced students, the focus is on understanding game strategy and on developing the desire, attitude and professionalism to overcome any challenge that they face.


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